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Diffusion ELEVATE is our entry level scheme for those looking to start their career in PR. You may be about to complete further education, have recently graduated university or are about to do so, or it could be that you embarked on a different career path and are now looking for a change in direction. Regardless of background, what matters most to us is clear potential to be a great communicator in an agency environment.

ELEVATE is a 12-month programme which combines direct exposure to clients and campaign work with a tailored programme of training and development. Everybody who joins the scheme is hired as a permanent, paid and long-term member of the Diffusion team from day one, with all the support that brings.

Sound counsel and creativity is what our clients value most from Diffusion and neither can be delivered from an identikit team with the same background, perspectives and life experiences. As we grow, it’s about what each new team member can add to our culture and our capabilities as an agency. What does unite us is being a kind and decent team united behind a set of values, which you can learn more about below.

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Diffusion is an award-winning international PR agency in London, New York and Los Angeles, enabling innovators to challenge the status quo with communication that confers commercial advantage. Our expertise covers business, technology and consumer brands. We help scaleups to master the new mainstream, challenger brands to grasp the mantle of leadership, and innovative incumbents to reinvent their legacy. We believe meaningful progress is impossible without effective communication. Today, that means using PR to elucidate and overcome persistent barriers to change, to inspire movements that power business growth and to defend hard-won advances.

PR is not advertising, our role as an agency is to help our clients to earn attention not to buy it. Our PR work is designed to educate and inform, inspire action and sales and to build trust and safeguard reputation. We achieve that through a mix of traditional channels such as media and influencer relations, through owned channels such as social media and digital, and by creating content that brands can use to engage with customers directly.

At Diffusion we don’t just communicate what our clients are doing, but we help to build brands from the bottom up, shape propositions and products, and direct sales strategies. Commercial curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset is something we value highly. We are in search of a new generation of expert communicators, rule-breakers and entrepreneurs, that share our mission to deliver meaningful work for meaningful brands, and help bring tomorrow closer.

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When does the 2022 scheme start?

We will be hiring candidates who can start work from Monday 5 September 2022. You will be based in our central London office, and under our hybrid-working model you will have the flexibility to work from home two days a week.

What does the scheme involve?

If successful, you will join Diffusion as an Associate Campaign Executive. Alongside a programme of training that will cover areas including the UK media landscape, media relations techniques, social media, data and analytics and PR measurement, you will be given the opportunity to contribute to the success of campaigns from the start.

We hire smart individuals we can trust, but at the same time we never throw you into the deep end unequipped. There are many facets to the role, but you should feel totally comfortable with the idea of picking up the phone to a journalist to sell in a story.

As part of ELEVATE you will work on UK clients and be based in London. Depending on your background and relevant work experience, you may be predominantly based in one of our teams, but we find it’s often beneficial to be given the opportunity to work with clients across a range of sectors at the start of your PR career.


What are you looking for in a candidate?

The evolution in the practice of Public Relations and the role of the agency has been accelerating over the last decade and Diffusion has placed itself at the forefront of that change.  New skills have come to the fore, such as data and analytics, challenging the stereotype of the typical PR professional.

One of the strengths of PR as a career is that you get to exercise so many intellectual muscles from helping to solve complex business problems, developing creative ideas and content to offering a consultancy as a trusted advisor to managing and motivating a team. A PR agency career will never leave you unchallenged or without plenty of positive experiences to talk about when your friends ask you how work is going.

Finding all these capabilities in one person, especially from day one is near impossible. We actively look for people that can add something new to the mix, whether that’s a science degree, a background in video production or having worked in events management.


  • You will need to have excellent written and verbal communication skills and the confidence to express them
  • We are in the people business, so you will enjoy establishing and building relationships with colleagues, clients, journalists & influencers and partners. Confidence often comes from context and experience and support, but the prospect of picking up the phone to a journalist or walking into a room full of strangers at a networking event should not have you breaking out in a cold sweat
  • When it comes to news and analysis you probably can’t get enough, from checking the headlines on your phone when you wake up, having 24hr News on in the background, to an ever growing list of podcasts you need to listen to
  • Agency life is governed by deadlines, such as product launch dates and times when journalists need to file a story. You will need to be super-organised and enjoy working to deadlines
  • Attention to detail is key given we are communicating and sharing information on behalf of our clients. All the work you do will be part of a larger programme of activity with strategic goals and KPIs we need to deliver as a team, so you’ll always need to be alert to the bigger picture
  • Resilience is a PR super power. Agency life is hugely rewarding and our model allows us to actively preserve work/life balance, but it can also at times be intense. There will be days when things don’t go to plan, where a story doesn’t land and where you need to think about a different approach.  You need to be open to guidance and feedback and see critique as invaluable to your professional growth
  • PR campaigns must always be relevant to the wider business and cultural environment in which our clients sit. You need to have a curiosity for the sectors your clients work in, and be plugged into what’s happening in culture in the broadest sense, even if that means occasionally “enduring” some reality TV!
  • There are a lot of marketing disciplines out there, and its true that the boundaries between them have become more blurred. However, PR is a distinct discipline and we will expect candidates to have a good understanding of public relations
  • We are proud to be a BAME led agency on both sides of the Atlantic. We are always looking for talented people to join our team, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, disability, neurodiverse learning needs, ancestry, marital status,  medical condition, regional accent, political view, hair colour or whether you prefer tea or coffee as your hot beverage of choice!
  • Diffusion enjoys a supportive and entrepreneurial culture and as a global company we seek to live by a set of values, which you can learn more about here.
  • Minimum qualifications: Level 4 (England, Wales & NI) or equivalents
So, what is the starting salary?

The starting salary for the ELEVATE scheme is £22,000 per annum. In addition, once you have passed your probationary period you will be entitled to our benefits package which includes 25 days paid holiday, a travel season ticket loan, personal health insurance, subsidised broadband and a range of wellbeing benefits.

How do I apply?

Applications for ELEVATE 2022 have now closed.