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GWS: Brand repositioning

For most consumers, our mobile device is our life’s remote control. As the world’s largest independent mobile insights consulting firm, GWS measures every aspect of how people live, work and play via their mobile devices – as well as how mobile network performance affects them.

Through its work with Diffusion in the UK in recent years, GWS had built a strong profile in the telecoms industry for its unique and rigorous approach to mobile network bench-marking – but it was keen to establish its reputation for its burgeoning consumer insights offering, including a new mobile panel.

Insight & Idea

Diffusion’s idea was to take the team through a repositioning exercise designed to broaden its reach into other B2B sectors and strengthen its reputation for consumer insights, by highlighting the company’s ability to connect its findings to the broader mobile user experience in a meaningful way.

Our repositioning programme challenged the business to consider its new offering in the context of an expanded competitor landscape, and to identify the unique aspects of its offering.

The new messaging that came out of the exercise enabled us to maintain a regular drumbeat of thought leadership activity designed to highlight GWS’s new offering and build the profile of the company’s CEO in business media, as well as developing Milestone Moments, a creative campaign using surveys and industry insights to explore consumer attitudes and behaviours towards live video streaming in a post-pandemic world.

Impact & Action

Following the repositioning work, GWS’s share of voice in earned media increased by 17% against its core competitors, including key pieces in This is Money, Mobile Europe, IDG Connect and Mobile News. Our first of two Milestone Moments stories was featured in Sky News, Computer Weekly, TechRadar Pro and many others.

GWS CEO Paul Carter was profiled by various trade and business titles, including a 30-minute podcast interview with IoT Now and a video profile piece with international title Tech Times.

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