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Electron Wheel:
Ride to CES

Electron Wheel, a smart mobility company that turns your average bike into a full featured e-bike, was set to launch the second generation of their front smart wheel replacement at CES, one of the most crowded trade shows in the world. With many consumer tech products looking to get the attention of top tier press, Electron Wheel needed to do something exciting and innovative to highlight the product and break through the noise.

Insight & Idea

Diffusion developed the concept of the Ride to CES – a 10-day cross country bicycle ride to the Las Vegas Strip – supported by the second generation Electron Wheel. Diffusion worked closely with Electron Wheel to facilitate the ride – including sourcing a rider willing to take on this task, planning the route and timing, as well as coordinating with Google as a project sponsor, securing a media exclusive with TechCrunch which went live as the ride began.

We recommended Electron Wheel attend CES Unveiled, an exclusive media pre-show in order to get their product in front of reporters before the tradeshow began. Diffusion secured and staffed briefings with over 35 reporters from publications like USA Today, CNET, Reuters, FOX and Digital Trends throughout the course of the week, in addition to coordinating the arrival of the Electron Wheel rider, marking the end of the Ride to CES.

Impact & Action

In addition to 35+ pieces of coverage – including receiving one of USA Today’s Reviewed.com CES Editors Choice Awards – Electron Wheel saw a 451% increase in website visits following the TechCrunch exclusive, and 1030% increase in website visits following its debut at CES Unveiled. There was a 130% sustained increase in web traffic in months following the Ride to CES and the show itself, as well. Finally, Electron Wheel noted a 37% increase in pre-order volume following its work with Diffusion.

The Metrics

Pieces of coverage secured
Sustained increase in traffic
Increase in pre-orders
Positive media sentiment
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