Transform the Future Faster

Ambitious vision can shape the world of tomorrow, but given advocates, purpose and a clear voice, it can start shaping today. Diffusion is an international public relations agency, enabling innovators to challenge the status quo with communication that confers commercial advantage. By truly understanding your audiences and sector, and the anchors holding back change, we can earn influence creatively, purposefully, and most of all, bravely. Every great advance demands a change of mindset – and it all begins with a change of conversation.


Our work

Disrupting, Reforming, Outperforming.

Only when we look beyond rules that should and could be broken, are we able to see new opportunities we could and should be seizing. We help scaleups to master the new mainstream, challenger brands to grasp the mantle of leadership, and innovative incumbents to reinvent their legacy. We test assumptions, push the boundaries, and ask the deeper questions, so you can move hearts as well as heads. By crafting stories that align purpose with profit, we ensure your audience doesn’t just buy, they buy in.