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GoPro: Redefining Action Cams

When you think ‘action sports camera’ you think GoPro – the brand synonymous with epic stunts and unbelievable adventures. Looking to expand beyond extreme sports enthusiasts into untapped demographics, GoPro needed to shift the way consumers viewed the brand. Diffusion was tasked with executing a campaign that introduced the brand to new audiences, building up to the launch of a new camera, while also maintaining relationships with core media.

Insight & Idea

Diffusion developed a strategic PR plan, which included large-scale creative initiatives for the GoPro HERO11 camera launch. Prior to the launch in September 2022, Diffusion strategically sustained ongoing relationships and developed new brand storytelling tactics for the brand’s cameras, lifestyle gear and accessories, expanding beyond tech and extreme sports media and focusing on lifestyle.

As the launch of the new camera grew closer, GoPro tasked Diffusion with owning, project managing and executing an in-person press event designed to excite its core media and put the camera’s top new features to the test. As launch day approached, the team discovered the brand would be competing with announcements from a key competitor’s new camera as well as the iPhone 14 announcement.  The pressure was on to infiltrate the media quickly and strategically to showcase the new features of the HERO11.

Impact & Action

In just six weeks, Diffusion designed and executed an exclusive invite-only press event that took reporters and creators through a series of extreme land, air and sea ‘testing’ scenarios in New York City for the launch of the HERO11 camera. Diffusion managed every detail of the event, including sourcing suppliers, managing vendors and securing press and creators. The all-day experience included a once-in-a-lifetime open-door helicopter ride to capture views over Manhattan with the new cameras, an exhilarating jet boat ride through the NYC harbor, designed to show off the camera’s new stabilization feature, and stargazing on the NYC High Line with accredited star gazing experts, encouraging use of the camera’s new star trails photography features.

Diffusion’s campaign generated hits spanning all verticals including Forbes, TODAY, Men’s Journal, CNET, Sports Illustrated and more. In September 2022, Diffusion’s PR efforts contributed to a 268% increase in YoY impressions for the HERO11 Black launch, with more than 6.5 billion total impressions.

GoPro’s HERO11 Black camera received accolades in key publications, including Men’s Health Editor’s Choice, WIRED Recommends, Forbes Best Action Camera, CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree and many more.

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