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Wysa: AI-guided mental health support

AI has the potential to address some of the healthcare industry’s greatest problems today, but it first must overcome consumer wariness and an evolving regulatory environment. Wysa pioneered clinically-validated AI-guided mental health support, touting FDA Breakthrough Device Designation and partners including the NHS and the Singapore Ministry of Health. With a flourishing consumer user base, Wysa tapped Diffusion to help further expand its B2B arm, where it offered use of its premium platform to employees at companies as large as multinational organizations and as small as 5-person small businesses.

Insight & Idea

Diffusion faced an uphill battle when it came to media comprehension and trust in a new application of AI for mental health. Leveraging third party research, institutional validation and real customer stories, Diffusion equipped reporters with objective data backing the efficacy of Wysa, alongside the opportunity to try out the platform for themselves. Actioning on key moments in the business news cycle, from rolling layoffs to quiet quitting, Diffusion was able to generate significant and consistent coverage positioning Wysa as the next generation must-have company benefit for employee job satisfaction, productivity and increased tenure.

Impact & Action

Diffusion secured over 130 pieces of coverage in just one year, including exclusives in top-tier publications like Fast Company and Axios, and features in outlets like Fortune, NPR and more. Diffusion’s tactics drove significant brand awareness with its target audiences, positioning Wysa in over 35% of overall coverage volume around AI-guided mental health services compared to competitors. The team’s close work with media led to multiple affirmatory feature pieces which later directly impacted the decisions of future Wysa partners to work with the company.

The Metrics

Pieces of coverage in on year
Coverage included proof of clinical validation
Of all coverage volume on AI mental health services mentioned Wysa
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