Thorne and Thorne Ventures Appoints Diffusion PR Agency of Record

Thorne appoints Diffusion PR

Thorne, a science-driven wellness company driven by data and rooted in scientific rigor to deliver personalized approaches to health and wellness, and Thorne Ventures, Thorne’s innovation arm that focuses on identifying the next generation of products and services to advance scientific wellness, has appointed Diffusion PR as its public relations agency of record.

Diffusion’s work for Thorne will focus on brand and consumer product communications through extensive quality storytelling, brand campaigns through events, product activations and seeding, and original research alongside executive visibility opportunities for newly appointed Thorne CEO, Colin Watts and Thorne Ventures CEO, Paul Jacobson.

Thorne empowers individuals to live healthier longer leveraging clinical science, biometric testing, and multi-omics data to create highly efficacious nutritional supplements and solutions.. Diffusion  will spotlight Thorne’s truly integrated approach to health and wellness, not only by driving increased brand awareness with consumer lifestyle and wellness media actively covering product-specific news, but also by leveraging Thorne’s lineup of experts, technologies, and unique AI platform to expand the brand’s presence and relationships across key business, healthcare and technology press.

Founded in 1984 as a practitioner-trusted brand, beloved by more than five million customers, including 47,000 healthcare professionals, thousands of professional athletes and more than 100 professional sports teams across several major athletic organizations, Thorne is one of the fastest-growing DTC consumer health and wellness brands in an industry fueled by the ever-changing needs of individuals, society and constant innovation. Known for its supplements and suite of health tests, Thorne is a science-driven wellness company dedicated to defying expectations of good health by empowering individuals with the support, education and solutions they need at every age and life stage.

Tamarah Strauss, Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Communications for Thorne, commented: “As one of the most trusted brands in health and wellness, we’re primed for continued growth and furthering our brand awareness. We’ve always seen earned media as one of the most important pieces of our brand awareness puzzle, and we knew we needed an agency with the storytelling chops that are smart, strategic and nimble to ensure every element of our business shines through to even wider audiences. The Diffusion team matches our energy as consumers who are passionate about health and wellness, while also working hard as media relations powerhouses who will be able to articulate our story across a variety of newer verticals for us that up until this point, have been somewhat untapped.”

Kate Ryan, Managing Director of Diffusion, commented: “Thorne has established itself as the trusted health and wellness brand thanks to its products, processes and people. If you look at the company’s existing fan base of athletes, celebrities and healthcare professionals, it’s clear that Thorne is highly regarded in its industry, but what’s more impressive to us has been uncovering the layers upon layers to Thorne’s business, which quietly backs up its overall mission and further boosts credibility in the highly competitive health and wellness space. Our goal is to delve into and leverage these countless facets of Thorne with our media relationships to creatively reach a widespread audience with all that the company has to offer.” 

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