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Ghostery: a fast & private browsing experience

From work to social media, much of our lives today are based on the use of “free” internet services from search engines to websites and apps. While these services don’t charge typical cash currency, unbeknownst to most users a transaction is occurring, and we’re paying with our data. As the issue of data rights and digital privacy exploded into public consciousness, Diffusion executed an issues-hijacking and research-based campaign which established the makers of one of the internet’s most beloved extensions as thought leaders and consumer privacy champions helping to define its future.

Insight & Idea

With privacy headlines dominated by big tech leaders like Google who were independently aiming to define what privacy meant for the internet, Diffusion immediately began inserting Ghostery’s experts to speak as consumer advocates and shine a light on the often hidden negative privacy implications resulting from new features or changes to mainstream browsers.

When privacy extensions were threatened directly by announced changes to a mainstream Big Tech browser, Diffusion coordinated a powerful statement from Ghostery which circulated among nearly every major tech publication and shifted the narrative of the original announcement to one of privacy impacts. With additional support from research into the most prevalent data trackers across the web and website performance studies, Ghostery sustained a powerful media presence across the top privacy stories of each week.

Impact & Action

The media profile built through the awareness and thought leadership campaign also built interest for Ghostery’s product suite. Coordinating more than 7 major product launches and corporate announcements, coverage fueled increased clicks to the Ghostery website and product downloads. Ghostery’s notable media presence successfully framed the company as a leading consumer advocate and even resulted in mentions of the company and use of Ghostery data in policy debates and congressional hearings defining the future of web privacy.

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