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Faster editing

The Loupedeck+ and Loupedeck Creative Tool are photo & video editing consoles custom built to improve the ergonomics of editing for various suites. As a keyboard that plugs into your computer, it alleviates the need to use a standard mouse and keyboard, making editing faster, more intuitive, and more enjoyable.

Insight & Idea

In addition to a media relations breif, Loupedeck tasked Diffusion with driving brand awareness amongst potential customers through an influencer program to reach the brand’s target audience of professional and hobbyist photo and video editors.

Our data and analytics team identified and recommended YouTubers with significant followings and attributes consistent with current and potential Loupedeck users. Upon connecting with the influencers, Diffusion worked with all parties to align on video concepts, product messaging and negotiated rates for video projects. Once videos were produced, Diffusion worked with both Loupedeck and the creator to finalize videos through all stages of the process.

Impact & Action

To date, Diffusion has coordinated more than 25 paid influencer video projects that have amounted to nearly 1.4M views (and counting!). Loupedeck has reported an increase in sales on both products due to these partnerships. In addition to individual creators, Diffusion has also coordinated partnerships with YouTube channels for photography media publications including Fstoppers and SLR Lounge.

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