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parcelLab: Supply chain on the brain

parcelLab is the leading Operations Experience Management platform that brings people and brands closer together across the globe. At the height of the supply chain crisis and the busy holiday shopping season in 2021, parcelLab enabled retailers to navigate difficult challenges by providing direct and personalized communications with consumers about fulfillment, shipping, deliveries and returns, during a time in which poor communication and production delays caused brands to lose loyal customers.

Diffusion was tasked with supporting parcelLab’s ambitious growth and international expansion plans, establishing the brand as a thought leader during a turbulent time for US businesses and as a leading solution for the ongoing problems brands and consumers were facing within the mainstream business, retail, and technology spaces.

Insight & Idea

As the pandemic shut down factories and manufacturing across the world, production and delivery of consumer goods came to a halt. 2021 proved to present holiday shoppers with an abundance of delays, cancelled orders, low inventory, and poor communication.

Diffusion would use this ongoing narrative and news cycle around the issue to contribute parcelLab’s commentary and data to the conversation in key outlets.

The campaign focused on raising awareness of parcelLab with US media, building share of voice, and elevating thought leadership in mainstream and trade outlets, with three main campaign goals:

1. Introduce parcelLab’s model of Operations Experience Management
2. Secure at least 15 pieces of earned coverage focused on thought leadership
3. Increase website traffic by 50% from earned media coverage

Impact & Action

Considering the initial insights around the supply chain breakdown, Diffusion developed some original consumer research to help to give parcelLab an authoritative voice in the space.

The Holiday 2021: Consumer Preferences and Expectations report elevated awareness of parcelLab’s services, expanded the company’s thought-leadership platform across target markets, and promoted parcelLab as the solution to poor customer experience.

Diffusion’s tactics drove coverage in top-tier mainstream and retail-focused outlets, resulting in over 25 pieces of earned coverage and driving increased thought leadership awareness in key markets with over half a dozen op-ed articles. Diffusion nearly doubled the original goal of earned placements, exceeding it by 80%. Diffusion secured coverage in top-tier business and trade outlets such as Forbes, Total Retail, Toolbox, and more. The campaign resulted in over 200 million impressions in 2021, elevating consumer awareness among core target audiences.

In addition, Diffusion’s original consumer research for parcelLab generated a total of 13 placements (more than double the pre-set KPIs) and increased exposure to key audiences, growing parcelLab’s thought leadership campaign during a turbulent news cycle around supply chain issues. The subsequent media campaign around the findings from the research generated over 94 million impressions in outlets such as Inc., Fortune, Forbes, and more.

Over the course of the campaign, Diffusion more than doubled the deliverables, seeing an average increase of 200% in website traffic from earned coverage between September and December 2021.

“Through parcelLab’s recent work with Diffusion, we’ve not only been able to build a robust thought leadership profile for our executives, but we’ve seen so much value in our work together having been positioned as a leader in the US retail market time and time again in the press.”

Tobias Buxhoidt, founder & CEO, parcelLab

The Metrics

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