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Arthr: Sound body, Sound sleep

Anyone who’s had trouble nodding off will be familiar with the toll that a lack of sleep can take on your mood, concentration, and overall wellbeing. For many people with arthritis and joint pain, a bad night’s sleep is much more than a one-off occurrence; it’s an ongoing struggle that has a significant impact on daily life.

Arthr is a social venture on a mission to improve everyday living for people with arthritis by developing beautifully designed ergonomic products with real people in mind. To raise awareness of the impact arthritis has on sleep, and showcase how Arthr’s product range can help, Diffusion developed an ambassador-led campaign for the brand.

Insight & Idea

Highlighting the challenges faced by people with arthritis is crucial to raising awareness and eradicating the lingering stigma associated with the condition. To highlight the impact that arthritis has on getting a good night’s rest, Diffusion worked closely with Arthr to identify a newsworthy brand ambassador who could support our campaign to share their story, giving the issue mainstream media appeal.

A partnership was established with TV personality Ulrika Johnsson, to help bring our story to life. Ulrika, who lives with arthritis herself, shared her experience of the condition with national media, discussing the adverse effect that joint and hip pain from arthritis has on her sleep, and how Arthr products help with the management of her condition. Diffusion also worked with Ulrika to develop tips and advice on coping with joint pain at night, designed to help those with arthritis look after their musculoskeletal health by making simple adjustments to their bedtime routine.

To support the campaign, Diffusion worked with Arthr to gather research insights on the impact of arthritis on sleep. The results emphasised the extent of the problem, with 74% of people reporting that joint pain from the condition causes disruption to their sleep.

Impact & Action

The campaign piqued the interest of national and consumer lifestyle media, generating widespread mainstream coverage with a range of publications, including The Sun, Mail Online and Daily Express.

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