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TIPA: Fighting the Plastic Plague

One of the most common causes of plastic pollution is flexible packaging, which can take hundreds of years to fully degrade, continuing to pollute the seas and earth centuries after it is discarded. Diffusion was tasked to position TIPA as a leading voice calling for a change in mindset among retailers, manufacturers and government to flexible plastic packaging, by building awareness and take-up of their game changing biodegradable packaging products.

Insight & Idea

TIPA believes packaging should be part of a circular economy, where materials that are produced that can be reused for another valuable purpose. In TIPA’s case, its compostable packaging biodegrades into nourishing compost, leaving behind the same nutrients left by an organic waste.

To quantify changing consumer attitudes on this issue and the impact of programmes like David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, we developed a research project honing in on public attitudes to plastic waste to help drive coverage in retail, manufacturing, packaging and business press. The research was used to drive broader brand awareness with a targeted CEO profiling and thought-leadership campaign targeting business, technology and food and manufacturing trade media.

Impact & Action

The campaign to introduce TIPA generated over 140 pieces of coverage in the first year in national and regional media including the Metro, and Scotsman as well as a CEO profile in the Daily Mail, on sustainability innovators. A relationship briefings programme with B2B media and proactive thought-leadership programme, generated multiple opinion articles and features in critical titles including The Grocer, The Ecologist and Raconteur.


”Diffusion really impressed me with their enthusiasm, strong retail experience, and evidence of thought-leadership and issues-based campaigns that delivered business impact.”

Marketing Director, TIPA

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