Diffusion Appointed PR AOR for All Points North

APN Lodge appoints Diffusion PR

All Points North, the only whole person health company offering innovative treatment for the mind, body and soul across the full continuum of care, has named Diffusion as its PR agency of record. APN is on the cutting edge of mental health and substance use disorder treatment and tearing down the pervasive stigma. APN has tasked Diffusion with a brand awareness campaign designed to support its commitment to a future in which mental health is on par with physical health and people are treated based on their individual needs.

Diffusion’s PR campaign for APN will support the company’s mission to be recognized as the premier one-stop-shop for whole person health by building awareness in mainstream business, technology, and healthcare spaces. The campaign will focus on earned media and thought leadership to generate awareness and educate on common misconceptions in mental health while opening conversations around previously taboo topics.

Founded in 2019 by healthcare innovator Noah Nordheimer, APN invests heavily in behavioral health facilities and evidence-based technologies that support the integrated care model. The company plans to expand its multidisciplinary and experiential treatment options even as it continues to offer cutting-edge, client centered care in-person and via APN Connection, its proprietary telehealth app.

Noah Nordheimer, Founder and CEO at APN, commented: “We’re facing a mental health crisis in this country of epic proportions. As an industry, we can no longer maintain the status quo, treating everyone with the same cookie-cutter approach, and hoping it works out. At APN, we believe in healing dysfunctional behaviors by treating the root causes and offering each client the full continuum of care, wherever they are. When it comes to mental health, the more conversations we can have, the more silos we can break down between disciplines, the better the outcomes we can expect. Diffusion’s proven track record in developing corporate thought leadership around tough topics and experience at the intersection of health and technology makes them an ideal partner for APN as we seek to influence a stalwart industry.”

Kate Ryan, Managing Director of Diffusion, commented: “So often in healthcare we see leaders shy away from difficult conversations. APN is not afraid to speak up for stigmatized groups in healthcare or try something radically different to achieve success. Whether it’s through new technologies or alternative care modalities, APN isn’t just talking about the possibilities of integrated care, they’re walking the walk to offer best-in-class treatment for their patients. Since the pandemic, mental health has never been more necessary or more top-of-mind for consumers and APN is ready to push the boundaries of integrated, personized care to help everyone find the care they need.”

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