Diffusion and CyberLink Smash TV Binge Watching World Record Like a Boss


CyberLink, a longtime Diffusion client, needed a creative way to promote the launch of PowerDVD 16, their flagship multimedia player. They needed something more than the typical product launch to get the news and availability of PowerDVD beyond their traditional user base and into the mainstream.

That’s where we came in.

To promote its launch, Diffusion concocted a devious plan to hire some brave souls to break the Guinness World Record for binge watching the most TV in one sitting. That’s 94 hours of straight television. The tie-in was natural—binge watching has become a pop culture phenomenon and PowerDVD is a medium to watch your favorite TV shows and movies with enhanced audio and visuals. It was a brilliant, if not ambitious, plan.

As our daring participants made their way through disc after disc of Battlestar Galatica, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Game of Thrones and more, in the early hours of April 12 around 5am or so, one sole victor came through and shattered the record previously held at 92 hours—Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso. Forever shall his name, and CyberLink, be immortalized in the annals of TV binge watching history.

Once the news broke that a lone Brooklynite and CyberLink smashed the world record, the story spread like wildfire. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite pieces stemming from the event:

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Business Insider: “Time-lapse shows the agony of watching TV for 94 hours straight — a new world record”

Vice: “What It’s Like to Set the World Record for Binge Watching”

Variety: “TV Binge-Watching World Record Set by Brooklyn Man With 94-Hour Session

People: “Man Sets New TV Binge-Watching World Record at 94 Hours

TIME: “TV Binge Watching Hero Sets World Record at 94 Hours

New York Daily News: “Brooklyn man watches Netflix for 94-straight hours, breaks binge-watching Guinness World Record”

USA Today: “Is binge watching your TV shows bad for you? Doctor says yes”

CNBC: “New TV binge-watching world record set at 94 hours”

BGR: “Man binge watches TV for 94 straight hours, smashes world record”

In addition, there are countless other print and online articles, as well as broadcast clips, across the nation and the world over, from Australia and New Zealand to the United Kingdom and France. As CyberLink and AJ shattered the world record, Diffusion broke a record of its own in coordinating its largest US stunt to date, which directly increased PowerDVD’s accessibility for a mainstream audience.

Now, onto the next big project for CyberLink!