Quizlet Appoints Diffusion PR Agency of Record


Quizlet, the largest user-generated consumer-learning platform in the U.S. that’s used by one in two high school students and one in three college students, has named Diffusion as its agency of record. Diffusion’s strategic media relations campaign will elevate Quizlet’s brand position as a secret weapon for more than 25 million students and teachers and as a successful global leader in consumer learning technology.

Diffusion’s PR campaign for Quizlet will share the company’s vision for the future with a broader landscape of press and users – focusing on Quizlet’s investment in new technologies, roll-out of new offerings on its platform and continued overall growth. Supported by key hires and products, Diffusion’s PR campaign will position Quizlet’s popular activities and games as the most effective and efficient way to practice and master any topic, while emphasizing Quizlet’s innovation in the consumer technology space.

Quizlet’s various services supplement existing modes of learning – allowing students to engage with any material in the ways they learn best, while also providing a knowledge base for teachers to share content with one another. Quizlet offers a variety of engaging games and activities across its website, iOS and Android apps. These include: Flashcards, which are utilized most often by students and teachers; Quizlet Write, which quizzes students on terms and their definitions; Quizlet Learn, which provides users with an adaptive, personalized study plan; Quizlet Match, a timed study game; and Quizlet Live, a collaborative in-class study game that builds hard and soft skills in students at the same time. Ahead of the 2017 back to school season, Quizlet also launched Diagrams, which allows users to learn with images, serving as the most significant update to the Quizlet platform since its inception.

Laura Oppenheimer, Director of Marketing at Quizlet, commented: “At Quizlet, we’re driven by a simple mission – to help students practice and master what they’re learning. But beyond that, we’re committed to harnessing innovative technology — like machine learning, and the latest research in cognitive science to build products for a global audience of learners. Diffusion not only has a clear handle on our mission and vision, but they proved they had the strategic counsel and media relations prowess to support our next stage of growth. This combination made them an obvious choice for us.”

Kate Ryan, U.S. Managing Director at Diffusion, commented: “Learning technology is the ‘new normal,’ as evidenced by the explosion of ed tech toys for children and the success of brain-engaging apps and games for all ages. Very few of these technologies, however, have the scale of Quizlet, or are approaching their product development like Quizlet does, which provide such an engaging and intelligent studying experience. Quizlet’s position in the industry is entirely unique, allowing us to develop an impactful campaign that highlights their cutting-edge technology and leading position as an innovator in consumer learning technology.”

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