Upwing Energy Appoints Diffusion PR Agency of Record

Upwing Energy appoints Diffusion PR

Upwing Energy, the leading energy tech innovator and service company for responsibly sourced natural gas, has named Diffusion as its public relations agency of record. Diffusion’s campaign for Upwing Energy will further establish the company as a leader in enabling low-emission intensity natural gas production and securing global energy needs in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.

Diffusion’s PR campaign will position Upwing Energy as an innovative, rapidly growing, end-to-end service company that is empowering higher recoverability from existing natural gas wells while eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. By exploring key industry trends and new information surrounding energy tech, Diffusion will leverage Upwing Energy’s expertise with mainstream, business and energy trade press to spark conversation on this evolving and critical industry. Through a targeted media relations approach, in addition to developing original research, multi-media materials and strategic thought leadership, Diffusion will position Upwing Energy at the center of rising energy demand and the race for cleaner solutions.

As the leading energy tech innovator for responsibly sourced natural gas, Upwing Energy is developing first-of-its-kind technology to help its clients increase the production and recovery of natural gas from their existing wells with minimal human and capital resources and environmental impact. Upwing Energy is the first and only natural gas technology company offering a Subsurface Compression System (SCS), boosting the production and recoverability of natural gas while lowering emissions intensity.

Kristen Frey, Chief Marketing and People Officer at Upwing Energy, commented: “At Upwing, we recognize that the issues of rising energy demand and the need for reliable, sustainable energy sources are urgently intersecting. We’re excited to have unlocked the engineering innovation necessary to deliver natural gas quicker and more sustainably by depleting reservoirs already being produced rather than having to drill new assets. In seeking a PR agency, our priority was to find a partner that not only understands the importance of what we do, but can help others understand it as well. Diffusion has the experience and ability to distill technical innovation to a wide audience, and with their PR support, we’ll have the ability to provide our services to even more natural gas operators, increasing our positive impact on securing energy needs and reducing global emissions.”

Ivan Ristic, President at Diffusion PR, commented: “Backing changemakers using innovative and inspired technology is where we thrive at Diffusion – and Upwing Energy is doing just that. We take pride in working with companies that are trailblazers in their respective industries while also implementing necessary change to better the world. Upwing Energy has a front row seat in the fight against climate change, with their unique E2E model exponentially increasing the productivity and recoverability of natural gas. With experience in supporting extremely advanced E2E and B2B services that achieve lasting change, we are ready to propel Upwing Energy into the future and support them in their important mission.”

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