Mental Health Platform Wysa Appoints Diffusion as PR Agency of Record

Mental Health Platform Wysa Appoints Diffusion as PR Agency of Record

Wysa, the leading AI-guided mental health platform delivering clinically-validated care, has selected Diffusion as its PR agency of record. Diffusion’s campaign for Wysa will raise overall brand awareness and shine a light on Wysa’s 150+ interactive mental resilience exercises, professional expert coaching and most importantly, it’s emotionally intelligent, conversational AI.

Wysa delivers mental health for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Diffusion’s PR campaign for the platform will include targeted, proactive media relations supporting Wysa’s goal of providing 24/7 mental healthcare at scale. Diffusion will leverage original research and data-driven stories in the media to highlight Wysa’s clinically validated offerings and boost its overall thought leadership on topics ranging from overcoming global wellness challenges to the future of employee health benefits.

Peer reviewed for efficacy and certified clinically safe, Wysa empowers people to take control of their own mental health and address issues of anxiety, lack of sleep, depression and more. Depending on each user’s unique needs and situation, Wysa’s AI penguin intelligently responds with evidence-based cognitive-behavioral techniques and may suggest other tools like meditation, breathing and mindfulness. In addition to its free app which places AI-driven care at people’s fingertips, Wysa’s complete workplace solution addresses the full spectrum of behavioral health needs that occur at the enterprise business level. In 2022 Wysa received FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, was named the winner of the World Economic Forum’s Youth Mental Health Challenge and received Best of Privacy honors from the Mozilla Foundation.

Sarah Baldry, VP Marketing, Wysa, commented: “The world is trying to address a mounting mental health crisis using solutions based in traditional healthcare. Wysa seeks to upend this model and overcome common obstacles by making them obsolete. As it becomes clear that AI is capable of providing the therapeutic bond and mindful interruptions needed to support mental resilience, Diffusion is helping us combat pre-conceived notions and educate leaders on best practices for providing mental healthcare at scale. Diffusion brings a deep understanding of the AI and tech landscape, making them an ideal partner to support our goal of empowering people to manage their mental health – anytime, anywhere.”

Ivan Ristic, President, Diffusion, commented: “The rapid rise of burnout and mental health disorders has had an outsized impact on the American workforce causing a talent shortage across all industries and forcing employers to look for effective solutions that won’t break the bottom line. From our very first conversations with Wysa, we saw the potential of their advanced conversational AI to fit seamlessly into existing employee assistance program and HR infrastructure. Our history and success working with technology and mission-driven organizations made this partnership a natural fit. Our campaign will position Wysa as a change-maker having a tangible impact on mental healthcare is delivered in the workplace.”

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