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Aeternum: Air Quality Monitoring

Insight & Idea

Aeternum’s network of sensors collect and monitor air pollution levels and other important climate data – from hazardous particles in the air, to harmful gasses, to changing climate conditions. This data is then sent back to councils and other organisations wirelessly so they can better understand air quality levels and make any necessary improvements to the environment. As air quality can be difficult to visualise, Diffusion was tasked with raising awareness of Aeternum by bringing the data to life, showcasing how proper measurement and evaluation of air quality can have a positive impact on people and their local communities



Impact & Action

To raise awareness of the sensors and to ensure that Aeternum’s technology was properly understood, Diffusion introduced Aeternum to the media through a series of briefings and topical creative brand campaigns. For example, Diffusion and Aeternum installed sensors in Glasgow during COP26 to reveal that air pollution and nitrogen dioxide levels increased by nearly a third at a time when world leaders were meeting to discuss how to combat climate change. In another campaign, Diffusion worked with Aeternum to show how a council-led School Streets initiative, where motorised traffic at school drop off and pickup times was restricted, had resulted in a 45% decrease in soot pollution. A series of images and infographics were developed to help better visualise the technical data and ensure that both the sensors and Aeternum logo were prominent in coverage secured.

Diffusion’s work with Aeternum has secured major coverage in publications including Evening Standard, Daily Express, Glasgow Live and Air Quality News, and the technology has subsequently been profiled on the BBC.


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