Travel innovator CityHub books into Diffusion


CityHub, the urban lifestyle hotel brand, has appointed Diffusion following a competitive pitch process.  The brand, which offers luxury pod-style hotels that are reshaping the future of city stays, has grown rapidly over recent years and its launch in Reykjavik later in 2024 builds on the success the hotel has already seen in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Copenhagen.

Diffusion’s brief will seek to highlight the role that CityHub is playing in offering a new way to stay in cities for the next generation of travellers. Through repurposing existing buildings and the use of smart, modular ‘Hub’ rooms alongside premium shared amenities, CityHub offers a more flexible, sustainable stay that also secures a greater return on investment for developers compared with ‘traditional’ hotels.

The campaign will amplify the CityHub brand beyond the consumer travel pages, positioning it at the forefront of innovation in the travel space to further build recognition among the property developer, travel and investor community. This will include a robust thought leadership programme as well as strategic press trips with purpose that focus on key themes such as real estate, technology and design. The campaign will also be supported by core press office and corporate profiling that demonstrates CityHub’s impressive momentum and growth.

CityHub commented: “When we launched CityHub back in 2015, we felt that the traditional hotel model was broken. With so many vacant buildings in urban centres, we set out to take on the status quo and launched a smarter way to travel – offering consumers an affordable city stay which maximises space and sustainability while not compromising on design and luxury. What we are doing is very different to your typical hotel stay, and we needed an agency that understood this and were able to amplify our message to a wide range of audiences in the most effective way. Diffusion’s impressive breadth of business and travel experience, coupled with their smart creativity and a proven track record taking hotel brands out of the travel pages, made it clear that they were the right fit for us. The team developed a strategic PR plan which matched our ambitions and goes far beyond traditional cookie-cutter PR press trips to bring the CityHub brand to life to the modern traveller.”

Ivana Farthing, Managing Director UK, Diffusion adds, “CityHub has a unique and disruptive approach to hospitality that brings together cutting-edge technology, purposeful design and deep local knowledge, all backed by a commitment to sustainability at its core. From the moment we first spoke to the CityHub team, we felt a strong sense of alignment to their values and were deeply impressed by their approach to reimagining not only hotel stays, but urban real estate and development principles. The travel industry is undergoing an immense period of change following the pandemic and our campaign will help cut through the noise to help CityHub make its mark on the