Hot innovations from CES 2022


Despite continuing Covid restrictions, the Consumer Electronics Show remains the platform of choice for technology innovators to showcase their latest creations. Following this year’s show, we were truly spoiled for choice, but here’s our run-down of ten hot new tech products that really caught our eye.


  1. The Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual

The first of two doorbells to feature on our list, this device helps to solve the problem of missing or stolen packages. The dual camera provides a 120-degree field of view, offering users a detailed image of whoever is at your doorstep, as well as any packages that may be resting at the doorstep.


  1. BMW Colour-Changing Car

The German car company turned heads with the announcement of a new car that can change colour with the touch of a button. Using iX Flow technology, similar to that which powers e-book devices, the car will be able to adapt to different temperatures to reduce the amount of cooling and heating required inside the vehicle.


  1. Samsung Freestyle Projector

Portable cinema experiences were an area of focus for Samsung, who launched their Freestyle Projector. Weighing in at under 1 kilogram and complete with an adjustable stand and a built-in 360-degree sound system, this all-in-one device allows users to watch their favourite films on the go.


  1. Bear Robotics Servi Robot

The latest development in home-help technology came courtesy of Bear Robotics, who have designed a wheeled robot that users can communicate with via app or voice control. With the ability to guide itself through a home using sensors, the Servi can carry up to 11 kilograms of weight and has two shelves which can be moved up and down to reach different heights.


  1. The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor

Sticking with the home-help theme, Ring has unveiled the latest add-on to its smart alarm system. The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor detects the sound of breaking glass and alerts users to potential break-ins. Made possible through the power of AI, the device can distinguish between the sound of a window or glass door being smashed and false alarms such as clattering crockery or jingling keys.


  1. NINU Smart Perfume

The world’s first smart perfume by NINU will be launching in June 2022. Featuring a 100-in-1 fragrance bottle controlled with an AI-powered app, this beauty tech device can create and switch between 100 fragrances with a tap on a button on a user’s smartphone — all in a reusable bottle.


  1. Y-Brush

Back by popular demand, this year saw the return of the new and improved Y-Brush – a toothbrush that cleans your teeth in 10 seconds. First launched at CES in 2017, the updated design features an easier-to-hold handle and includes six vibration modes that lets users pick their preferred sensitivity.


  1. AI Sound Mirror

Winner of three CES innovation awards, the Sound Mirror is the world’s first voice-activated mirror. Complete with an artificial intelligent assistant, the mirror conceals a smart speaker that allows users to check the weather, set alarms, play music and even control other smart devices.


  1. L’Oreal Colorsonic

Much to the dismay of hairdressers around the globe, L’Oreal has announced the launch of a handheld at-home hair-dye device. By mixing and applying product evenly, the Colorsonic will be able to help users achieve consistent hair color results without making a trip to the salon.


  1. John Deere Automated Tractor

The future of farming may look very different, thanks to John Deere’s launch of the first automated tractor. Activated via smartphone and using sensors and cameras to navigate farmland, the machine will be able to till a field without the help of a driver. The automated functions have been developed into a kit that can be added to some existing tractors.