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Future Faster

With change comes opportunity. Pivotal moments force us to see things in a new way, for innovators to imagine a better future. Diffusion enables brands to take on the status quo with communication that confers commercial advantage. Today we care more than ever about the impact of our choices – on our personal and family wellbeing, on our community, society, and our planet. Brands need to live authenticity, responsibility, and trust to command the respect and wallets of their audiences, and so does their PR.

We work with innovators to take on old-guard thinking, not by constantly pumping information out, but crafting stories that pull people in. Creating coalitions for change, because activations rarely shatter the status quo, only advocacy can. Paving the way to faster change, greater impact and long lasting transformation.

Our Consumer PR Work


Our clients understand that purpose and profit need to work better hand-in-hand. So to does the function of PR in building brand awareness, safeguarding reputation, and driving revenue. We always act as a commercially obsessed extension of your sales and marketing team. Our work is always measurable, earning attention and driving action across editorial, events, social and digital marketing.

Diffusion enables scaleups to master the new mainstream, challenger brands to grasp the mantle of leadership, and energetic incumbents to reinvent their legacy. Our clients are enlightened, understanding that effective communication is the indispensable sword and impregnable shield of business success.

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